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Well I’ve done my first three shifts in the gym and I have loved it!!!! No, I haven’t secured any clients but I did give my number to a couple of clients who I will take through there complimentary ‘free’ personal trainer workout and then hopefully turn that around with, my undoubted charm, to a sale, *she laughs* 🙂

I managed to talk to as many clients as possible and watched some of the other personal trainer’s put their clients through workouts and found that very interesting and informative. I’ve had two very early shifts and one late shift. At the end of the late shift I was asked if I wouldn’t mind taking out a couple of bags of trash to the skip out back. Well that was no problem, the problem came when the fire door closed shut and I was locked outside. Thankfully, the music in the gym had been turned down low enough that one of the clients heard me banging on the door, only me!!!

Tomorrow, I’m being kidnapped by my sister. She has a membership at another gym. She wants help with her bingo wings and flabby belly, don’t we all? I feel that this might be an opportunity to show people my enthusiasm and it might open another door. Whatever happens I am thoroughly enjoying my journey so far 🙂