Well it’s been an interesting week. I’ve managed not to lock myself out of the club so that’s a start. I’ve given out my number to a couple of prospective clients and hey presto I have my first client who I am going to train today (my son!!!). It’s a start :-). Although I know this a really hard road that I’ve decided to travel I know it will be worth it and I am going to keep on pursuing my dream, which is basically to help as many people as I can to become the best that they can!! I am thoroughly enjoying walking on the gym floor talking to clients of the gym and having a general chit chat. It’s supposed to be my job/career but it feels so much better than that. I guess I just realised at this ripe old age that life is definitely what you make of it and that your job/career should definitely be something that you love and are enthusiastic about. I’m on a mission and I’m not going to be put off by anything. I hope you are all realising your dreams 🙂