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I found the article below and although some of you may well be aware of the goodness of greens, I found it quite interesting!

Leafy Greens Help Prevent Muscle
April 28, 2012

New research out of the Edinburgh Napier University and the University of Ulster is showing that eating the leafy green vegetable watercress can help relieve and may even prevent soreness from high intensity workouts.

Exercising, although good for you, can lead to increased levels of stress and free-radical production in the body. It can also cause damage to certain soft tissue fibers and even your DNA. This soreness is commonly referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

One study followed 10 male adults as they participated in high-intensity treadmill workouts over an 8-week period. The subjects consumed watercress throughout the study. A control study where no watercress being consumed was also conducted.
Blood samples taken prior to and following exercise showed that the watercress-eating group had less damage to their DNA than the control group. According to the researchers, this was due to raised levels of important antioxidants and vitamins that help protect the cells from harmful free radicals.

So next time you’re hitting the gym, don’t forget to pick up some watercress on the way.

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