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Well the weather has been quite good today… and life has been good also!  I’m in the kitchen writing this as my husband is carving the chicken and we are having some rice and vegetables with that.  I used to think that people who ate healthy were ‘nutters’ and how could food that is good for you possibly taste good?  However, I’ve found out it is not only good and beneficial for you, it tastes a lot better too!!

Now when I feel the urge to put something unhealthy in my body I can’t quite bring myself to do it.  It’s just not worth it. I’ve got a hectic schedule at work this week but I know I keep on saying it but I’m ENJOYING it!!!

I do hope you’re week goes well and please check in once in a while as I’ll try and keep you entertained either with some thoughts, fitness videos, music videos or some healthy eating recipes 🙂