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Well the last 3 days have been nothing short of interesting!! A colleague of mine sent me a text message at 10:30pm or so on Sunday night to say that he was resigning immediately and that he wished me well and hoped our paths would cross again sometime. I wished him luck and asked if he had found something else, to which he replied (with a text), yes and gave me the link of some other employers…

I received a text the next day from a colleague in reception to ask why I was not there as I was on the rota for Monday 6-2pm. I informed her that if they checked the system myself and my colleague who had now left, had swapped, and I was coming in tomorrow (Tuesday). Are you with me so far? 🙂

Then I went into work yesterday for my 6-2pm shift. Only to be told by another colleague that the rota had changed again (3x in 9 days) and now there was only me and this one other guy who were on the rota along with 2 fitness coaches. Thus, me and this other guy were pretty much there all the time because one of the fitness coaches is going on holiday for 2+ weeks!!! Well a little exasperated I accepted this change but did reiterate that I do have other commitments, namely my 7-year-old daughter – however my 25-year-old son can look after himself 🙂

Then, it gets better, the GM told us that the HFM had resigned. I was shocked but not surprised and I do truly wish her all the luck in the world. After that all I can tell you is that the GM and myself had some interesting interchange and I was given an option, and I chose the totally unexpected option and I too have resigned with immediate effect – so that’s 3 newbie PT’s gone within the space of 2 weeks and 1 HFM!!

But the funny thing is I feel absolutely fine. I initially had this strange, unnerving feeling about this branch before I started as I did my fitness training there. I now feel free to make the choices I want to make and not be held down by the weight of paying for something that I wasn’t receiving – which is support!! I have started to make inquiries elsewhere and feel liberated and able to contemplate hiring halls so I can teach exercise classes.

My one regret is that I am so going to miss the client/gym members. They kept me going and were an endless source of inspiration, strength and humour. I’ve always felt that everything happens for a reason and if I had not had this experience I would not have met the 4 other trainees on my course who I am still in contact with. I would not have met and trained with a wonderful organisation such as the Training Room. I cannot fault there impeccable training and help. I would not have been trained by such a great tutor, Mr Daniel Reilly. I would not have learned about how this particular franchise works, however I am mindful that you should not tarnish the whole franchise by my experience in one branch!!!

Bottom line is I am more determined than ever that this career path is the correct one for me and I will continue to pursue being successful in it come hell or high water …..