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After the events of earlier this week I submitted my CV to quite a few fitness companies, large and small, in hopes that even though my CV is small that they would consider me for any positions that may or not be vacant at the moment.

Well you can imagine my surprise when on the way to collect my daughter from school yesterday afternoon I received a call from an unknown number and it was from a person who had received my CV. Needless to say I was ecstatic and chuffed that someone had got back to me so quickly. He asked if I was available to come and see them to speak about a position that had only just become available, of course I was..

I went today to that interview/meeting and as soon as I walked into the gym it felt different. It was a much more welcoming, smaller, friendlier place. I noticed and remarked to one of the gym members that everyone who was walking in was walking in with a smile on their face. Her reply ‘well it’s the best thing I ever did for myself!’.

The position was as a Fitness Instructor and although they were interviewing a few people my CV had popped up just as they were going to close the advertisement. It felt like FATE!!! I had one of the best interviews of my life and felt really comfortable the whole time during the interview with the manager and the co-owner. I thanked them for seeing me and hoped that I would be successful. They informed me that they were going to see a couple more people this afternoon but the latest I should hear something was on Monday. I left there giddy with hope and excitement!!

Well bless my cotton socks, I’ve just got of the phone with the co-owner and I have the JOB!!! Yes, you read right, I got it!!! I am so happy and I know now that fate intervened the day I handed in my resignation as I am onto better things 🙂