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Loving my Running/Walking!

Well I went out today after my exploits on Tuesday. Pretty much ran/speed walked the same route and although I managed to shave 2 minutes of my initial time on Tuesday it seemed a lot harder today. I can’t explain it. Tuesday I hadn’t been out running/walking in over 2+ months but today was noticeably harder, go figure!

I’ve got just over 2 months until my next 10km run (Pride Run) and I’m aiming to run under 50 minutes. I’m going to stick to the distance I’ve been running for the foreseeable future until I can run the whole thing. I’m going out again on Sunday and will probably stick to the same distance give or take a mile.

I’ve just been reminded as I sit writing this blog that I might need to invest in some new running shoes. At about mile 5 I noticed the 2nd & 3rd toes on my right foot were squeezing together and it hurt like heck. I purposefully tried to push them apart whilst continuing to run but there really isn’t enough space in my shoes so maybe I should invest in some shoes with a wider width so my toes can splay out when I’m running and as I intend to continue running at least 3 times a week I need to be comfortable doing it.

Hey, it’s just over a week until the opening ceremony of the Olympics and the torch is going to be passing by the top of my street on Sunday so it should be a good day 🙂

PS: My wait to start my new job as a Fitness Instructor should nearly be over. Just waiting on the references and that should be it, one done – one to be completed and a start date of hopefully next Monday or Tuesday, fingers crossed!