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Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Now I know I really should not complain but that run was a HOT one!! We are having a mini-heatwave here in London and I as I explained in one of my previous blogs am not a ‘sunny, hot weather’ runner. I prefer it to be cloudy and rain is good! So to manage to get out and run/speed walk this evening was an accomplishment in itself.

As I was running all I kept on saying to myself was ‘one step in front of the other brings you closer to the end’. When I talk to some of my friends and they ask me how I manage to do some of my runs I tell them it didn’t start out with me being able to run say a half marathon or 10km. It starts with baby steps and for me it was running around the block, then once I got used to that running a little further. Once you get used to that then increase it by say 10%. It might take you a week to run around the block comfortably but once you do that the next week add 10% of that distance and see how it goes. There is also nothing wrong with walking some of the distance. As long as you keep your body moving!! It’s amazing how good you’ll feel and how your body adjusts to exercise if you give yourself a chance. Well that’s enough of my preaching 🙂

I nearly forgot to say that I did my first shift at my new job as a Fitness Instructor and although there is a lot to take in, I can’t say enough how ‘right’ it felt. My next shift is on Thursday and I can’t wait.

In the meantime, I will enjoy this mini-heatwave and hope it stays warm for the opening of the Olympics on Friday!!