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Running in the Sun..

Well I can’t say I thoroughly enjoyed today’s run like I did Friday’s.  Friday’s was enjoyable as it rained for about half of it and as you may or may not know I like running in cloudy or rainy conditions.  Nope, today I was running towards that great, big yellow thing in the sky for the first 4+ miles and I blame my mother!!

Yep, you may wonder why I blame my mother but when she was here on holiday a couple of years ago one Sunday morning we decided we would go for a long walk together and I was going to start walking counterclockwise (with the traffic).  She said, no you should always walk clockwise which meant we would walk (towards traffic).  Since her words of wisdom whenever I do this route I am facing the sun the majority of this route.  It never fails.  If it’s a morning run I start out towards the sun and if it’s an evening run I’m facing the sun on my way back home.  Now I could vary my routes and once I’ve got this one down packed I will head off in other directions but I’m always mindful of running towards the traffic!!!

My mum is also my inspiration for running and keeping healthy so she does know a thing or two about these things.   She has done 5 London Marathons, a New York Marathon (maybe 2) and numerous other half marathons, 10km and 5km races.  In fact I may have said this already but I watched her in 2001 run in the Great North Run in Newcastle and then we did it together in 2002!   The Great North Run is the world’s largest half marathon and is a wonderful event.   I haven’t done it myself in a couple of years now but will maybe try to do it next year!

Well it’s time for me to head off for a quick shower and settle down for a full day of Olympic coverage!  Hope you enjoy you’re day whatever you are doing 🙂

PPS:  I’m in for my third shift as a Fitness Instructor and can’t quite believe I’ve lucked out and found such a wonderful place to work.  I continue to want to learn and am truly grateful for this opportunity to help people accomplish their goals!!