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It’s been a very good day, firstly GB did really well in the Olympics yesterday, and seem to be on the same path today, hooray, and long may it continue!!

Today, I had my longest shift in my new career as a Fitness Instructor and it was all I could wish it could be. I’ve been thrown right in the deep end and did my first reassessment today. It entailed taking measurements (B/P, BF%, BMI + tape measure measurements) and then I changed the individual’s programme according to what their goals were. I really enjoyed it. Both the ladies that I performed the reassessments on were patient and it was a real pleasure working with them and I look forward to hopefully doing more of the same on my next shift next week!

Today also saw the start of my husband starting his week long shift as an Olympic Gamesmaker. He is going to be working at the Olympic Stadium, home of the athletics!!

When I think back to when I first met my husband 10+ years ago he did not even watch sports!!! In fact me and my son used to watch football (Man U being our team), basketball, the NFL and all kinds of sports. My hubby didn’t seem to care!!! Then slowly but surely an ‘armchair’ athlete started to appear. Yep, whilst we were watching football one day my husband decided to tell me he was a Gooner (Arsenal) supporter!! Imagine my shock 🙂 He now watches all kinds of sports and we are a sports mad family!!

I watched him leave today for his first shift and I have to say there is a pang of jealously for this wonderful, once in a lifetime experience he is going to have but mostly I’m excited for him. Just think when they asked for volunteers he took a chance and filled out an application. He was interviewed and chosen to be a volunteer and he’s made a dream come true.

That’s what has got me thinking that that is what life is all about really, you just have to be willing to take a chance. Sometimes there will be rejection but sometimes, just sometimes, it will all work out and you are doing something that you didn’t even think you could do – JUST GO FOR IT!!!