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It’s the morning after the night before and my throat is sore and I don’t know that I will ever, ever witness anything like that again!

GB had one of the best Olympic days in their history in over 100 years with 6 golds and 1 silver. I’m not sure we didn’t pick up a bronze too! I met up with one of my good friends Anne at Marble Arch (which for those of you who don’t know is a short walk from Hyde Park). After getting a bite to eat we wandered down to the park and entered the BT London Live festival. Basically, there are a bunch of big screens up in the park showing the Olympics. The atmosphere was great and there was lots of food, drink and sun for everyone 🙂


There were lots of Union Flags waving and being worn however there were flags of all nations and people of all nations mingling and soaking up the atmosphere. As the day wore on you could feel the tension mounting as we were all waiting to hopefully see 3 golds claimed for team GB in the athletics and boy we were not disappointed. It was fabulous!!! I could not imagine how it must have felt in the Olympic Stadium itself (my husband was lucky enough to be there) but the noise in Hyde Park was absolutely amazing and strangers were hugging each other and jumping around like kids!



I just can’t get over it!!! As someone said to me last night at the park, ‘this small country has punched way above it’s weight’ and we are all reaping the rewards, go GB!!!!!