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The last few days since my last blog, at least have been great!!

I’ve had a few shifts at work and although they have been varied (shift work) I’ve enjoyed all of them. They’ve really thrown me in the deep end and I’ve been left to get on with it, I guess the adage ‘sink or swim’ comes to mind.

On Monday night I received a call from my sister reminding me that she had some Olympic football tickets. Now when I last saw her approximately 4 weeks prior to our phone call she didn’t give me a date for the football. Well guess what, it was the next night and kick off was at 5pm. I had work from 9-3pm and quickly left the building and ran down to the train station. Surprisingly, everything went well and I even met my sisters and the rest of the party halfway on our journey and managed to arrive at Wembley Stadium for Mexico vs Japan by 4:30’ish. We really did not have an allegiance to any of the teams but we suddenly became Mexican for the game and got into the true spirit of the occasion!



My last shift was on Wednesday so I’m off for the next few days as I’m not back until Monday!

Yesterday my husband had a morning shift as an Olympics Gamesmaker and so I decided to make my way into Stratford so we could spend some time together and so I could be close to the Olympic Stadium and soak up the atmosphere and I was not disappointed. It was FAB and I bumped into a couple of former Olympians!!


Tessa Sanderson, British Javelin and Heptathlete – Gold medalist in Los Angeles,1984

The next person we bumped into well I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face for quite some time and I still can’t believe I met him –


.. of course it’s Maurice Greene, 100m Men’s Sprint and 4×100 mens relay – Gold at Sydney, 2000, 4×100 mens relay Silver at Athens, 2004, 100m Men’s Sprint Bronze at Athens, 2004… He was here broadcasting for EuroSport and I am still speechless!!!

Tonight is my husband’s final shift and I know he has had a thrilling time, a once in a lifetime experience. Although I have not had the opportunity to be a Gamesmaker I feel the whole country has benefited from having the Olympics here in my backyard 🙂