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It’s over, está terminado, fini, Es ist fertig gestellt – yep you have probably guessed what I’m talking about the Olympics!!


I know for some people it’s probably a relief and I have heard a few people say that they can now ‘get back to normality’. But you know what I don’t want to (throw the doll out of the pram time for me!).

People have been far more jovial and civil to each other. Strangers have talked to each other about sporting events and moments that have touched them and I honestly have seen a lot more enthusiasm in everyday life. Usually it’s just a slog for most people to get from A to B but during those times when journeys have taken a bit longer than usual people are reminiscing about what they saw the night before and the events they have taken in themselves. Also talk has been about the Games Makers as Lord Seb Coe has called them and they have been a roaring success. Take a bow you 70,000+ people who volunteered your time for these games (that includes you my husband!).

I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. It didn’t start off too well I have to admit, the South Korean flag being displayed by the names of the North Korean women’s football springs to mind but after that ‘major blip’ things have run smoothly.

I have never woken up every morning to glue myself to the t.v. to watch so many sporting events. Events that I don’t usually watch Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling to name a few and been thoroughly transfixed.

I consider myself to be quite a healthy person, I do try to do my bit and get my ‘body moving’ but these people were to be marvelled at. These were proper athletes going about their business and trying to achieve the ultimate an Olympic medal, better yet Gold if possible. These athletes are the true ones to be admired, their dedication and commitment to their sports.

Now I am a football (soccer) fan and I am looking forward to the start of the Premier League but you know what I don’t think they are anyway as remarkable an athlete as some of the people I watched compete for their country. Little known countries some of which I had never heard of. They do it for the love of the sport and sometimes for no pay. I’m not sure that can be said for some of the footballers I watch on t.v. There was no swearing, aggression or intimidating or badgering the referees. No play antics at all and some of these athletes are right now flying back to their countries to get on with their lives! I salute you and truly admire!

Today as I dropped my daughter off at holiday play club I would usually pop some upbeat music on such as Beyonce’s ( 4), Labrinth’s ( Electronic Earth) or maybe some Taio Cruz (The Rokstarr Collection) as I’m walking around the supermarket. But not today I could not do it; I inexplicably put on some Snow Patrol (Up to Now). As the first track ‘Chocolate’ played in my ears I thought to myself that’s how I feel. I feel like a kid who has just come back from Disney World to ‘normality’ and I want to go back!!!

Bring on the Paralympics 🙂