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Today was a good day!! At work I performed another reassessment (taking of measurements and re-writing a programme) and although the client had not lost weight, in fact she gained a minuscule amount (0.3kg) she had lost an incredible 3.7% body fat!!!

After congratulating her we went out on the circuit and I re-wrote a programme for her incorporating some different floor exercises in hopes we could tone up some of her, what she called problem areas!

Which brings me to what made me write this blog today. Two ladies were on the circuit with us and one of them said to the other ‘they should hire fat instructors not skinny ones‘… . My client mouthed to me ‘did you hear that?’ to which I replied ‘yes‘ but did not say anymore as what was I supposed to say?

I mean is that what people would prefer? I do my job because I like helping people and I truly believe size is not an issue, it’s health and that’s what I hope I get across to those I meet. Just because I am not ‘fat’ doesn’t mean I do not have empathy and can’t be as supportive, caring and passionate as the next person. I do not think I was hired simply because I was as this lady put it ‘skinny‘ nor did I think this comment was solely directed at me (though at the time I was the only one fitness instructor in the room). I love what I’m doing and I just happen to be skinny. Same as I just happen to be black and female, I can’t change them either!

It just made me think and again thus is why I’m writing this blog when I feel like sleeping. It’s just stuck in my mind..