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I’m getting into this..

I decided to go for a run fairly early this morning.   I dropped my daughter off at school and headed out for a short run.  It is a bit too warm for my liking but I managed it.  I pulled my New York Giants cap as far down over my eyes as possible to block out the sun and started jogging.

I have my 10km (Pride Run) in 9 days time and although I had initially hoped to run it in under 50 minutes I’ll be happy with anything under my previous fastest 10km – 57 minutes.   I’ll aim for that, wish me luck!!   Until that day I’ll keep on running.

After arriving back near home I decided I wasn’t quite done yet so decided to record another activity, a brisk walk – recorded below:-


That felt really good and is also an effective way of burning fat whilst not knackering your knees.

After that I feel I can take on anything the day has to throw at me, bring it on!!!