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My last run before the 10km tomorrow…

I’m posting this run a couple of days late and today is pre-race day. Yep, my 10km has finally got here and I’m both excited and nervous. I’m not usually fazed by it all as I usually feel I’ve prepared sufficiently to get around but tonight as I’ve just finished my second helping of pasta, I’m not feeling so well prepared.

Now in running terms 10km is not really that far but I still kinda want to do it under 50 minutes and for me that is a big challenge!!! I’m just going to have to say to myself “I think I can, I think I can” and hopefully my little legs can at least get me in under 57 minutes, which as you may know is my fastest 10km time, wish me luck!

PS: I received an email on Tuesday night informing me that I would be getting my race pack and information closer to the running of the Great South Run (held in Portsmouth). It’s a fast paced 10 mile course, the trouble is I’d forgot I had entered it and secondly it’s when I’m supposedly on holiday on the 28th October. So I’ll be training for that next!