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The final results of the Pride Run have come in and I am pleased to say and absolutely over the moon to say that I did achieve a PB of 53:00 minutes, that is 4 minutes and 57 seconds off my old time 2 years ago!

Since that wonderful day though I have been struck down with what the doctors think is either gastritis or an ulcer which means I’ve not been able to do the thing I love most which is run. I’ve not been able to work either and it’s made this week a bit of a let down compared to the high of Saturday. I’m on meds (Omeprazole) which I started on Tuesday and although they have settled the pain in my stomach marginally it still kills when I have something to eat or drink. I love tea and after having my tea in the morning, the pain at the top of my stomach almost makes me regret having it. The only thing that doesn’t affect my stomach at the moment is water but that’s way too boring for me.

In time I know the meds will help and I will be able to return to relative normality but until I can get out there and run I’m on a bit of a downer. I’m very much the impatient patient..