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Running for fun…

I can confirm that ‘yes’ I love running and ‘yes’ I did not get into the Virgin London Marathon 2013 via the ballot.

The second statement I pretty much expected as I have previously entered the ballot shortly after the running of the marathon in April and received a rejection letter at the end of September/beginning of October for the marathon the following year. Thus was the case this time so it was not a big surprise. I received a lovely white jacket (size small requested) with the Virgin London Marathon insignia on it. It now goes with the other one I have and will not wear until I actually get to the run the race!! Along with the rejection letter and the jacket I received a magazine listing charities whom I could contact if I so choose in order to try and get a place with them in the marathon. I went onto some of the websites and found that most wanted you to raise £2000+.

Firstly, I don’t know that many people to ask for donations plus in these hard economic times most people are pinching the pennies and donating to charity is not an essential nor on top of their lists of expenditures. Secondly, I know that I would feel the pressure and weight of trying to get as many people to sponsor me and that would deflect from my training so I’m giving up the ghost on that ambition, so to speak!

I have since that letter though found an event in a local free paper that would be quite challenging and intriguing and I am debating whether to sign up for it. The £85 registration fee is telling me wait and think on it! But once I’ve made my decision I’ll let you know all about it.

The Great South Run (10 miles) is in 20 days time and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve never done it before. It’s sister event the Great North Run (13.1 miles) I’ve done 4 times before so know what to expect and this is supposedly just as well supported and a flatter course. We’ll see. I managed to get out and do a 4 mile training run last Tuesday and I have to say I found it harder than the 12 mile run I did yesterday! I feel it’s because I had had a long day on Tuesday and my long runs are early Sunday morning and I’m fresh after a good nights sleep. I don’t do anything but take a sports drink with me on my long runs which I sip along the way and that’s it. No tea, no food, nothing. Pull on my clothes and trainers, brush my teeth, pull my cap down over my head, headphones in and off I go!!! Saying that now I can’t wait for my Sunday run again, they’re GRRRREAAATTTTTTT 🙂