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This week has been taken over by a cold that has invaded my body and made it nigh impossible for me to get out running. I’ve fought it since last week Sunday, in fact before I went out last week Sunday for my long run I could tell something was not quite right. You know the feeling – you get a sore throat and then you start to feel a little snuffly. I ignored it and went out anyway and I’m not sure it was such a good idea at all.

I managed to get to work all except for Wednesday when at 4am it delivered a knock out punch and I absolutely felt like I was dying. I couldn’t breathe, I was exhausted and my nose was sore. I did manage to struggle into work 3 out of 4 days and I was beginning to wonder when my nose aka the faucet would dry up. Well that may well have happened today. Yep, I definitely think I’m over the worse now and am buzzing at the thought of going out for a run on Sunday, yep I’m on it!!

Whilst I’ve been ill though and especially today for some reason I’ve wanted to laugh and there are quite a few comedians I like but there is one early 80’s concert that has me creasing up with laughter with tears spilling down my cheeks every time. The concert is Bill Cosby ‘Himself’. I’m not quite sure when I first saw this video but I know it was when I lived in the States. When I first mentioned it to my husband he had never heard of it and I started to doubt that it even existed.

Today I’m attaching two short snippets of this great man in this wonderful concert and as I watch it my eyes are welling up, enjoy 🙂