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Been a while and Jambalaya recipe!

Since I last wrote anything on my blog actually that same day the clocks were turned back as British Summer Time is over (to tell the truth it never really got started!). It’s now dark on a bright sunny day about 4:30pm and on a miserable, cloudy day say about 3pm – it’s depressing and like a bear I want to hibernate!!!

I’m planning to continue running through the winter but haven’t done so since Thursday week and that was on a treadmill which I loathe to do as I just don’t enjoy running on treadmills. I did take a brisk walk from work yesterday approx 1 1/2 miles and that was nice but it’s not the same as running. A long run is on the cards for Sunday.

We were watching the Food Network the other night and watched an episode of Street Food with Andy Bates. He made jambalaya and made it look so easy that all three of us (me, my husband and daughter) said we’ve got to make it. Actually my daughter was probably the most enthusiastic especially when he added the prawns – she just loves seafood. It looks absolutely delicious and we can’t wait to try it out ….