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A nice, long run 🙂

Yesterday I got up, wiped the sleep from my eyes and pulled on my running clothes, brushed my teeth and headed out to a chilly but lovely sunny, Sunday morning run.

It was absolutely gorgeous, cold but gorgeous! I’m already looking forward to my next run though my legs feel rather heavy this morning and I didn’t run fast at all which is a little bit strange because after the Great South Run two weeks ago my legs were absolutely fine.

I’ve been quite busy this morning even though I’m not set to work until later today.

Recently I haven’t said much about my job as a fitness instructor. It was definitely the right move for me and I can see myself staying in the profession for some time to come. I look forward to learning more and being able to take courses to enhance my skills and then impart that knowledge to the clients. I really must look into a course of nutrition because it is definitely about 80% of your overall health. I mean there is no use in running or going to the gym and then eating a bunch of junk. I think you are definitely what you eat. I’m not going to get preachy though as I too like my crisps and biscuits but I do think everything in moderation is key! Talking about food I must now look for something for lunch. I hope you all have a lovely day whatever you are doing…