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I’ve been looking for some ideas for core workouts and was on YouTube the other night on my phone checking out videos. That’s when I stumbled across this gem and I have now subscribed to Jenny’s YouTube channel. She has some great advice and offers modifications to an exercise when it is possible.

On another note since my last posted run on Sunday I also managed to do a 7.3 mile run on Thursday and I had hoped to do a small run yesterday. However on my way home from picking up my daughter I turned over my ankle and it has swelled up to twice the size of the other ankle. It’s turned blackish blue and is very tender to the touch. My husbands even dug out the crutches from underneath the stairs given to me for a previous ankle injury 5 years ago! I’m super disappointed and alas a run is definitely not on the cards anytime soon.

But, on a lighter note, I have secured a job at another gym (a more conventional gym compared to where I am right now). I am super excited and have been invited to go in tomorrow to meet the boss again and see how they do things. My official start date is not until the 10th December. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been given by my current employer but feel things have become stale and I need to use some of the things I learned in my course to further my knowledge and not become complacent.