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A nice stroll in the snow …

Today I had all intentions to get out there and run, however before I stepped out I had a thought to look out the window and blow me, it was SNOWING!  Now as I write this most of it is melting but at the time I looked out the window it was coming down steadily and there were some of those nice, big fat flakes of snow… I love it!

I had already put on my clothes and thought well to heck with it I’ll go for a walk instead.  Taking it easy not to lose my balance.  All in all it was really lovely and I managed to take a nice picture on my travels.  I think a short run on Saturday is in order and my long run on Sunday, well that’s the plan anyway.




As for my work situation things have changed and I have turned down the position I was planning to start on Monday.  It was evenings and possible weekends and there was lots of potential but the thought of only doing evenings and missing out on time with my daughter and husband deterred me.  Also the added expense of putting her in an after school programme.  It was a very hard decision but it needed to be made.

I’m only hoping that I can stay where I am having tendered my resignation nearly 4 weeks ago, this was/is my last week.  We’ll see how it goes and that’s where exercise comes in for me.  Not only does it make me feel good physically it also helps me mentally.  I need that time to recharge my batteries and think things through.  All of us need a little bit of me time…  Be selfish once in a while!