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a birth and a death..

Yesterday we (my husband and I) woke up to some great news one of our friends from when we worked at GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital) had her second child, a son.  We were looking at the picture she posted on face book and wondering whether her husband had made it back from Afghanistan.

No sooner had we seen this lovely news on fb than my husband received a call that shook us both to the core and left my husband grieving the loss of one of his longest and dearest friends.  As soon as he walked into the room all ashen faced I just knew it was bad news however I could never had predicted that it was she who had died.   She was born with a heart condition and had surgery as a child at the hospital and was under their care for some time.  She later became a nurse and had gone back to the hospital to work in CICU.  As my husband met her at the hospital not too long after moving up to London in 1998 she had to be have been there for possibly 14 years+.

The shock is still with us today and our heart goes out to her husband and family for their loss.  At a time like this it reminds us that life is short and makes us think of our own mortality.

I often moan about some aches and pains in my knees (left) in particular but she had a mountain to climb and as I did my run this morning, something I really enjoy doing I wondered if she ever had the chance to do such things and I although I felt exhausted I ran for her.