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I’ve been trying to keep busy with the run up to Christmas. Life’s seemed a little stressful recently and in order to cope I find exercising to be my thing. I managed to do a 5 mile cycle on a stationery bike at the gym, a 8 mile run followed by a 4 mile walk on Sunday. All that exercising will negate the amount of food that I plan on packing away over the week between Christmas and New Year week, but of course I’ll do it in moderation. You know what hikes up your caloric intake though seriously, it’s not just the food it’s the alcohol. I’m going to be very sensible and have my occasional glass of mulled wine and wine and oh, my Bailey’s is a definite cert but again in moderation.

I’m like a big kid at this time of year. Our decorations have been up since the beginning of the month, usually there up the last weekend of November so we were a little slow off the mark this year. I do hope it snows this Christmas although I don’t think it’s in the forecast. Whatever you’re doing have a good day until next time..