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it’s a start…. welcome 2013!

After 7 days off I figured it was time to open my runkeeper.com account with a run. Now normally my Sunday runs consist of something a bit longer and they are usually definitely performed earlier in the day, but alas yesterday I went to work and when I came home didn’t feel much like running. But as the evening wore on I said, to myself, girl get up off your backside and run, even if it’s just around the block but do something!

So I did and there you go. Once I got home I started to look for events on the runnersworld.co.uk website. There are a few but I keep on going back to one almighty challenge I noticed in magazine some time ago.  I hope to sign up for it next payday and then I’ll let you know what this challenge is.  One run I’ll definitely not be doing this year is the Great North Run. I’ve previously done it four times and as my husband rightly said there are so many other challenges that I could try this year so that’s what I’m going to try to do.  I hope to pepper this year with lots of different runs/walks of varying terrains and of varying distances, and hopefully god willing, I’ll be able to top it off with a marathon in October. Let’s hope my knees hold out..

ps: I’ve set a goal of running 50 miles by the 31st Jan on my runkeeper account, that should keep me going 🙂