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I’m getting there..

I set myself a challenge last week of 50 miles by the end of January and I am pleased to say that so far so good. I’ve managed just under 25 miles already. I can’t believe it and yet I know I’m quite stubborn and only an injury or say a little snow might stop me from getting out there and achieving my goal.

snow in backgarden 14.1.13

On Tuesday after my run on Sunday I managed a 7.30 mile run, then on Friday I managed a 10 mile run. That was a struggle and at 2 miles I wanted to turn back around and head home but decided to persevere and was thankful I did but thankful also to get home and collapse!! Yesterday after work I managed to get out and run 7.66 miles. Depending on whether we get anymore snow I’ll try and get out there tomorrow..