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life is good!

Yesterday I did the above run of 8 miles.  I was going to do it today but heeded the weather warning that snow was on it’s way and decided to do it yesterday after work instead.  In doing so I’m that closer to completing my goal which I set after I’d completed my run of 5.88 miles on Sun 6th Jan.  Now if I had set that goal beforehand I’d be at 44.8 miles as such I’ve completed 39 miles and I still have until the 31st to do it!!  You can’t imagine how pleased I am with myself.  Though I’m not quite sure when I’ll get out next as it has started snowing and I don’t want to take any chances on the pavements.

As far as work goes well it’s been going okay and I’ve signed up (with great encouragement from my hubby) for a couple of courses, all fitness related of course, and I’m excited and reinvigorated.

I’ve also signed up for The British Heart Foundation 10km run in Greenwich Park in August of this year. I’ve never done it so I’m quite excited and Greenwich Park is lovely although quite hilly so I might regret that.  I haven’t yet but I’m hoping to once I get paid to sign up for the Thames Path Challenge 100km walk from Henley to Putney that’s in mid September and I’m hoping to join the team for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).  All in all things are looking up for me and my family and fingers crossed my hubby will continue to have success in his writing and I’ll become an even better fitness instructor, mum, wife, friend, sister and daughter!