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snowed in

Since my last blog we have had snow on and off, meaning last Friday it did indeed snow but disappeared on Saturday to return with a vengeance on Sunday. I can’t remember the last time I saw it snow all day but it did! We ventured out for a walk to the park and it was lovely, cold but lovely.

Typically yesterday as I had to go to work (not typical for me on a Monday) the school closed and my hubby and daughter got to spend a day at home SNOW DAY! Lucky devils.

Me I’m becoming particularly frustrated as I can’t go out and run. I don’t like walking on it either to tell the truth. The council (Barking & Dagenham) is quick to throw some grit down on the roads (main roads only). Unfortunately for drivers the side roads are not a priority either.

For pedestrians such as myself the pavements have become skating rinks. This doesn’t seem to be the practice everywhere though as my dad says they were gritting the pavements on Sunday in his area. It is really treacherous  underfoot and I pray that one day they decide that the lives and livelihood of us pedestrians are just as important as those who drive!