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55 miles by 3rd March…

After some consideration I’ve set myself the above target.  I started out the week with a short 2 mile power walk.  This morning I shook off the sleep, pulled on my running gear, laced up my shoes and went out for my run. It’s a gloriously sunny, frosty day outside albeit a bit too cold for my liking but I plowed along. My mantra of ‘it’s just one foot in front of the other’ played constantly in my head, especially within the last mile when I felt a bit tired. My husband took my daughter to school this morning and within that last mile I saw him appear out of a side street, waved and kept on going until my runkeeper.com app told me I’d hit 8 miles.  I then went back for a quick chat!! I’m home now and am now debating when do I go out next – maybe tomorrow – possibly Sunday after work.  Until then I’ll rest as much as possible and fuel up, starting with some Quaker Oats porridge!