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I’m not sure how …

Well I did the above run and I don’t know how. I’m sure any runner out there has had that feeling whereby you know you want to get out there and run but your legs feel like lead and even a short distance seems like a marathon. That’s exactly how I felt today but because I’ve set myself a challenge and I plan on succeeding I continued on anyway.

Recently sleep has not been kind to me too much on my mind, not all of which will I bore you with at the moment, however one thing keeping me awake at night is all the course work that needs to be completed for the Exercise to Music course I’m taking through Focus Training. I don’t know about you but sometimes there’s an aspect of self doubt that rears its ugly head.  The course is mostly home study and there are 4 practical days which are not for some time yet but before then there is a lot of homework which needs to be sent in.  The practical part of it is going to be a big challenge for someone who does not know her left from her right but I aim to do my best!

Work is going along okay but there are a couple of upcoming changes which are not sitting well with me. For now I’ll try to stay out of it and keep my head down and focus on the clients which should be any fitness instructors main concern. But I aim to be proactive and check out what else is out there.

Whilst I was running along today with my music blaring in my ears. I chose to put the music on shuffle so different artists were playing. Just in the nick of time when all seemed lost and I was praying to stop this song came on and I was singing along like a mad woman (out loud). I’m sure there are a couple of people along the A12 who are still talking about this black woman singing while she was running, ha!ha!

Then when I got home and went upstairs I found this lovely note on my bedside table and it made me chuckle and count my many blessings.  It also reminded me to be thankful for the wonderful, supportive family I have.

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PS: Love you too Ella xoxox