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Today, tonight I find myself on the brink of going back to work as a medical secretary. A job I left to train as a fitness instructor just about a year ago and as I stand on the cusp of starting my new temp job I found myself thinking you should ‘never say never.’ The good thing is I never did or have!

Working as a fitness instructor was great and I will continue to look to go back into the field.  But looking over the last couple of weeks at fitness instructor jobs there have been plenty of jobs to apply for but nothing came from them.  Although I’m a bit long in the tooth (age wise) I’m very new to the fitness industry and possibly my CV doesn’t add up to others who may have been in this career a whole lot longer than me.  Anyway, it’s not over to the fat lady sings as they say and I’m totally not ruling out a return to doing something fitness related again.  Heck, I’m still doing this ETM course and hopefully will gain that qualification.

Yep, it’s pretty surreal and yet I’m excited.  When I handed in my notice a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t quite sure what would happen but I never gave up hope and I didn’t care where I worked as long as I found work.

ps:  I would like to get away on holiday this year, preferably somewhere hot 🙂

Pps: note to self –  you can now stop stressing and relax and get back to running, YAHOOOO!