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Another run under the belt …

It was a cool start to the day and I managed to get back to my lovely Sunday morning run.  I also managed a very short run earlier in the week of 4 miles.  I’ll keep this blog short but I did enjoy it and even more so cos there was a special treat from my son a trip to the movies for all of us to see Star Trek into Darkness, which was a great movie by the way. Now you may have noticed that I did mention that it was a cool run, but to our surprise when we came out of the cinema, there was glorious sunshine and there still is!!!

Next week Monday my attentions are turned to the BUPA 10km, which I have done a couple of times before.  On one of those occasions the great Mo Farah also competed, well he trailed behind me, ha!ha! and I’m delighted to say that he is going to be there again this year.  I’ll probably have the same view I had of him the last time, him running the opposite way heading for the end whilst we are all starting but I’m still looking forward to it 🙂