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Today started rather lazily for me as I had intended to go out for a small run however I decided to roll over and go back to sleep! I’m trying to take things easy as I’ve had a reoccurrence of ankle tendinitis, predominantly at the back of the left ankle but now the right ankle’s joining in and the Run to the Beat 2013 run is just 9 days away! I’ve got to try and balance my runs and rest. Hey at this point just finishing will be sweet..

As it happens my Run to the Beat racing shirt arrived today, not at home but at my work place. They called me to say the package had arrived today so off I went to collect it after finishing watching Kojak and some other tv classics.

It has got to be the most colourful shirt I’ve ever seen and its got the race number on it, saves pinning on the race number on race day 🙂