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Today was the Nike+ Run to the Beat starting and finishing in Greenwich Park. Now I would upload my map from my runkeeper.com app however I managed to turn it off whilst running, so I can tell you that indeed there were no PB’s today – I managed 2 hours and 5 mins and 17 secs.   Though I am quite pleased with the time as I did take a toilet break (I was busting) and we came to a completely stop about mile 5 (Woolwich Arsenal).  There were a few moans and groans as we filed into the courtyard of said barracks and then run around a steel band, a water station and Vita Coco and then back to stand in a queue to file out of the barracks.  I don’t think anyone understood what that was all about and why you’d want to squeeze so many people through a tiny gate!

I didn’t mention that we also set off about 15-20 mins later than we were supposed to with no explanation and although this event was billed as a music marathon full of music pumping around the course there wasn’t much music.  In fact I wish I had worn my headphones for there were long periods without music and without support and on those long runs the music keeps me going.  There were the occasional dj’s along the course but not many.

Mile 12 to 13 was a killer as not only was it uphill you kept on looping around areas within the park to find yourself with no finishing line in sight – it was all very confusing.

Anyway, I’m back home and it’s done and I’m not sure that I’d do this one again but at least I can say I’ve done it and I have another medal to add to my collection!!

Run to the Beat

run to the beat medal