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a run to remember and inspire …

Yesterday I set off hoping to be able to do another 13.1 miles total however this time there were no obstacles and it was for no one but myself.  I managed it and that I am truly grateful for because I thought I was going to die!!! Talk about lead legs.  They just didn’t want to move.  I’m going to start looking into different energy drinks and gels.  I have noticed quite a few runners in the past with their sports gels and thought that’s a handy way to get the fuel you need without spilling something all over yourself.  To that end I’m going to order some from amazon.co.uk.  I’m leaning towards trying the High 5 banana blast energy gel sachets and the High 5 Raspberry and Caffeine energy gel sachets.


I came back home and eagerly sat down to watch the events of the BUPA Great North Run.  I have been lucky enough to run this race 4 times and watching it yesterday inspired me to sign up for the email notification cos, you guessed it, I want to do it again next year.  I’ve even made a reservation for the hotel!  My son even got in on it and has also signed up for notification for BGNR 2014.  Not only that we sat there and decided to sign up for the BUPA London 10,000 next year. We’re in and the date is Monday May 26th 2014.  I’m so excited 🙂

My next event this year is the ‘Heart to Heart’ 13km walk.  It’s to coincide with World Heart Day and has been organised by the widow of our friend who passed away from a heart condition late last year.  A fundraising page has been set up at this web address if anyone is interested:- www.justgiving.com/teams/heart-to-heart.  After that it’s a 10km for the British Heart Foundation and I’m all done for 2013.  However I’m not too sure because I can’t help feeling I need to maybe add one more race in there before the end of the year, we’ll see.