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Hello again!

It has been an age since I wrote anything on my blog and not because I haven’t thought about it, I’ve got no excuses. Quite a bit has been happening since my last entry.

Firstly we had the memorial walk for our friend Vanessa.  It was a solemn occasion however it was marked with the feeling that we were doing some good.  Our aim was to raise £2000 however we smashed it and altogether raised over £6000!!! Enough for 2 nurses from Jamaica instead of one to be trained in paediatric cardiac nursing.  Roughly 15 of us started on the approximately 13km walk and others joined in along the way.  Some very kind people donated to our cause as we walked around some of the landmarks of London.  The theme being places with the word Heart as the walk was held in conjunction with World Heart Day.  Aptly it started outside the Heart Hospital, London.









Just one short week later or 6 days to be exact I took part in the British Heart Foundation (BHF) 10km in Hyde Park.  It was a great day and well organised and what a beautiful setting.  Two laps of this great park situated in central London.  It truly is one of my favourite places in the city along with the other parks that are so close by i.e. Regents and St James’s.










Whilst that was all going on I managed to find a part time job as a fitness instructor and was hoping with all hope that I could manage to do both jobs alongside one another.  However I had to give up the ghost just 2 weeks in.  There was no way of fitting the shifts around my other job. Some days it required me to work half the day at one and then rush to the other. I’m too old for that!

As far as running goes I’ve signed up for the BUPA London 10km taking place towards the end of May 2014.  I’ve also registered my interest to take part in the BUPA Great North Run 2014.  I’ve found a marathon that I’d like to take part in in early March 2014.

So to that end I’ve been looking for a training programme and have found one through My ASICS.co.uk.  I’ve plotted in the day of the race and it’s all been laid out for me.  All I have to do now is follow it, she says 🙂  The plan starts on Tuesday with a 3 mile run and has me running 4 times a week but it’s nice and gradual.  I’ve looked at the training programmes on runkeeper but have not found them very helpful.  Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

Today when I did my run I nearly slipped on all the leaves on the pavements plus we had quite a bit of rain yesterday, so I’d just like to remind everyone to be particularly careful on your runs and I hope you have a good one!

Oh and there was Halloween!!