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The last few weeks have been quite eventful and not nearly filled enough with one of my favourite things running!  I’ve had to cut back on myasics.co.uk marathon training programme as there still have been questions, as yet unanswered on my blood pressure.

Some tests have been done 24 hour BP monitoring (Saturday) and some bloods (today).  Next up is the 12 lead ECG and then I’ll make an appointment with the GP to hopefully find out the occasional high BP readings are okay and no changes are needed.  Exercise is supposed to lower your BP but like my mum said (and mums are usually right!) maybe this marathon training is too much.  Maybe I won’t be able to do the marathon in March 2014.  I surely don’t want to pack in the running 😦  Anyway until the time that I get an all clear from the GP I’m cutting back on the running just a little bit.

This year has been hard financially but prosperous in love and laughter.  I’m counting my many blessings on the eve of 2014 and hope that you all have a wonderful, healthy and safe New Year!!!