to top off a good week 🙂

Today was  a very good run indeed.  I didn’t think for a moment that I’d be able to run all 10 miles but I did and I’m very pleased with myself.

Next week Sunday 25th May is the BUPA London 10km and I can’t wait.  I’ve received my number and race information and I think that makes it all the more exciting.  The weather today is absolutely glorious as it’s sunny and very warm, in fact when I stepped out the house this morning just before 6am I was surprised that I didn’t need to go back inside for a jacket.


Surprisingly, like my dad says I haven’t headed off into town or ‘my London‘ as Ella calls it and I’m having quite a lazy rest of the day, if laziness comprises of doing two loads of laundry, cooking a roast dinner and cutting the grass later!

Just 3 days later we’re off on holiday to celebrate my husbands 40th birthday. Somewhere warm and sunny and that’s all he knows.

But let’s get back to the good news I had just yesterday, I’ve been lamenting about not being back working in fitness for a while now however I got a call yesterday that will allow me to be a part of it for a few hours on a Saturday morning and I’ve very appreciative.  The thing is some time ago I applied for a job as a fitness instructor which I later had to turn down.  Well they kept my number and called me because they need help 3 hours in the morning on Saturdays, which suits me just fine for the moment.  I would potentially run the circuit training classes.

I almost forgot to say that I received a souveneir t-shirt for the Run Hackney this week too!  That’s now just 5 weeks from today June 22nd and it’s the first time this event has happened and I’m really looking forward to running around the streets of Hackney, the town that I was born.  The original t-shirt was purple but I asked for the bright green colour and I love it!